Frequently Asked Questions

No, both Yuzu Super Juice and 100% Yuzu Juice are pure citrus and meant to be used as an ingredient. Imagine you squeezed the juice straight from a lemon, lime or grapefruit.

Both our 100% Yuzu Juice and Yuzu Super Juice are designed to deliver the unique, aromatic flavor of yuzu, but they serve different purposes and are formulated in distinct ways to meet varying needs.

Our 100% Yuzu Juice is an undiluted, cold-pressed juice made exclusively from yuzu fruit. The process of cold pressing ensures that we capture the pure, tangy essence of the fruit while retaining all its natural nutrients. This juice is perfect for those who desire an authentic yuzu experience, whether to enjoy on its own or use in recipes that require a strong, unaltered yuzu profile.

On the other hand, our Yuzu Super Juice is a carefully balanced, acid-adjusted citrus juice blend designed with bartenders in mind. While it still carries the distinctive flavor of yuzu, it's blended with acids from citrus to provide an economical and sustainable alternative for bars and restaurants. This blend is optimized for cocktail creation, helping to add a burst of yuzu flavor with enough acidity to not need to use lemon or lime juice. It's also a more cost-effective option, making it easier to incorporate the exciting flavor of yuzu into a wide array of drinks.

In essence, the choice between 100% Yuzu Juice and Yuzu Super Juice depends on your specific needs. If you're seeking the pure, unadulterated taste of yuzu, the 100% Yuzu Juice is your go-to. However, if you're in the mixology industry looking to enhance your cocktails with a versatile, economical yuzu flavor, the Yuzu Super Juice would be the best fit.

Yuzu Super Juice is our proprietary acid-adjusted yuzu juice option. We developed this bright, convenient and versatile blend to reduce the end cost without sacrificing true yuzu essence and flavor. Many great mixologists use similar methods and recipes to make their own citrus super juices. Check out this video for more information.

Both of our yuzu juices give you a freshly-squeezed yuzu experience. We utilize the same techniques and facilities as the world's leading cold-pressed juice companies to bottle fresh juice without heat treating it. This process leads to maximum retention of yuzu aroma and taste. We don't add preservatives, such as salt, and keep our products in refrigerated storageprior to shipping to customers to maximize freshness.  We do everything we can to ensure you are getting the best possible yuzu juice you can buy.

We use a method of preserving food and beverages that works by subjecting them to high pressure. This allows us to avoid applying heat and therefore retain the best possible yuzu flavor and aroma. It also requires us to use plastic bottles that can withstand the high pressure without breaking or cracking.

Both of our juice products are shelf stable for up to 1 year after production. However, we recommend refrigerating for best taste, especially after opening. For maximum quality and longevity, we keep our juice in cold storage after production.

Similar, but better! Tart, floral, aromatic and delicious, its hard to compare yuzu to other citrus or fruit flavors. Many people say it lands somewhere in between a grapefruit and a mandarin. Learn more here.

YUZUCO is based in Los Angeles, California and sources yuzu from multi-generational growers and manufacturers on the Shikoku and Kyushu islands of Japan. We offer a limited amount of California grown yuzu when its in season and use it for small-batch products like California Kosho and Yuzu Jam.