about us

YUZUCO was founded in Los Angeles with a mission to make yuzu everyone’s favorite ingredient. For years, we have loved yuzu in all its forms, so we built relationships with growers in Japan, California and beyond in order to improve access to this elusive fruit.

If you're a fan of Japanese cuisine, you're probably familiar with yuzu - the citrus with a divine aroma and complex flavor. Yuzu has long been treasured for its unique qualities and is not only used in cooking, but also in bath and beauty products. We work with farms in regions of Southern Japan with the ideal conditions for yuzu to manifest its precious qualities.

Our specialty is cold-pressed yuzu juice, but we also work with whole yuzu fruit, yuzu peel, yuzu powder, and yuzu oil. We are dedicated to preserving the authentic taste and scent of yuzu by employing a heat-free process from farm to bottle. Our partners proudly maintain processes that involve the entire fruit and create minimal waste. Beyond yuzu, YUZUCO stands for innovation and accessibility across all citrus.

If you're looking for delicious ingredients, YUZUCO is for you. Check out our recipes, yuzu 101, or instagram to learn more.

Throughout our materials, we use fonts by designers Lucas Le Bihan and Jean-Baptiste Morizot from the Velvetyne Type Foundry.