Serves 6-8
  • 2 Thinly Sliced Shallots

  • ⅓ Cup + 2 tbsp YUZU SUPER JUICE

  • 1 tsp Kosher Salt

  • 1 tsp Granulated Sugar

  • 1 (1in) Knob Ginger Grated

  • 2 Garlic Cloves Grated

  • 2 tbsp Soy Sauce

  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil

  • 2 tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil

  • 1 tsp Brown Sugar

  • 1 lb F+W Campanelle Pasta

  • 1 cup Thawed Shelled Edamame

  • ½ English Cucumber Thinly Sliced

  • 1 Red Bell Pepper Cored and Sliced

  • 1 Small Bunch Scallions Thinly Sliced

  • ½ cup Cilantro Coarsely Chopped

  • ¼ cup Toasted Sesame Seeds



In a small bowl, mix shallots, 1/4 cup Yuzuco Yuzu Super Juice, 1 teaspoon kosher salt,and 1 teaspoon granulated sugar. Let sit (ensuring the shallots are submerged) while you make the rest of the salad (at least 15 minutes or ideally a couple hours).


Make the vinaigrette. In a medium bowl, mix ginger, garlic, remaining 2 tablespoons Yuzu Super Juice, soy sauce, olive oil rice vinegar, sesame oil, and brown sugar. Mix and season to taste with salt, pepper, and more yuzu juice as needed (it should be bright, acidic and well seasoned).


Bring a large pot of heavily salted water to a boil. Cook pasta until fully cooked (not al dente!), then drain and rinse with cold water. If you’re not making the pasta salad right away, dress them lightly with olive oil to prevent sticking.


In a large bowl, mix pasta, edamame, cucumber, red pepper, scallions, and cilantro. Remove shallots from pickling liquid and add to bowl, drizzling the pasta with a little splash of the Yuzu juice pickling liquid.


Toss the pasta salad with the vinegar, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste. Transfer to a serving platter and top with sesame seeds. Serve immediately.